Multi-Gun/Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC)


We host four stages of fire which are shot with a combination of your rifle, shotgun and pistol or PCC. Our matches are run under the United Multi-Gun League Rules.

Click link for complete rules: UMG Rules March 2018

For rifle ammo, you will need 100+ rounds and for shotgun ammo, you will need about 50-75 rounds of bird shot, no larger than #4 shot. You will also need 10-15 shotgun slugs, but will most likely only shoot around 4-8. For pistol ammo, you will need 100 or so rounds.

Rifles commonly used: AR-15, M1A, AR-10, FN-FAL, Mini 14, AK-47, M1, etc. or any safe center fire rifle with a minimum caliber of 223..

Shotguns commonly used (auto or pump): Remington 1100, 870, Benelli, Mossburg 500, etc. with a minimum of 20ga.

Pistols: Centerfire pistol/revolver (9mm or larger)

You may use any type of magazine pouches or shotgun shell belt to hold extra ammo. Elbow and kneepads are recommended on some courses of fire.
ALL rifles/shotguns must be carried or stored in one of the following conditions. Carry with muzzle up if not in a gun case. Keep actions open and safety on. An Open Bolt Indicator is also required.
Eye protection is mandatory while on Yuma Adair Range at ALL times. Hearing protection is required while shooting.


Multi-Gun/PCC News

5th Annual Shane Skaggs Memorial Match
The 5th Annual Shane Skaggs Memorial Match will be held Sunday, August 1st (no multi-gun). Please join us in celebrating the life of a friend and YMM member. Although his wife and children have moved back east to be near her family, 50% of the match fees go to his children.

The match will consist of at least 4 Stages of 95% steel.

9mm or larger pistols/PCC (NO .22 rimfire)

Set up at 5:30 AM and all help is much appreciated.
Check in Opens at 6:30 AM
Shooters Meeting at 7:00 AM

Match Fee $20

Click link for registration: Shane Skaggs Memorial Match

Yuma MatchMasters Multigun Monthly Match Results
We will no longer email match results.You may check your scores on the YMM website at Multi-Gun/Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) Match Results or at Type YMM in the search box to see all YMM results.


Multi-Gun/Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) Match Schedule

These matches are held on the 1st Sunday of the month; usually 4 stages.

Start times in the winter are around 8:00 AM and in the summer around 7:00 AM.

Match Fees:  $10.00 for YMM members
$15.00 for non-members
Junions shoot free

Click link for Equipment Divisions: Multi-Gun/PCC Equipment Divisions (PDF)

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