Practical Division - IPSC

The Practical Division is a USPSA affiliated club (Area 2) and shoots on the 2nd Sunday of each month.

Please check the calendar for exact time, as it changes with the seasons. At a regular monthly match there are generally 4-6 stages, including a USPSA classifier. Some months there is also a rifle or shotgun match after the main match. The Practical Division also shoots an informal Steel Challenge match on the first Saturday of each month. There are generally 4-5 stages at this match.

This division sponsors a 2-day match in the spring for scholarships. The Annual Scholarship Match is generally held in mid-April. This match is limited to 120 shooters and is known for its fun stages, relaxed atmosphere and the offer of a Mulligan. Shooters from all the surrounding states are known to be here. New shooters and spectators are welcome at all the matches. Eye and ear protection are required.

Practical Division News

USPSA Monthly Match

The Yuma MatchMasters Monthly USPSA Practical Pistol is scheduled for Sunday, February 11th with 5 Stages, including classifier.

Members $11.00
Non-Members $16.00
Juniors Free

Setup Saturday at 12 PM or when the 22lr match is over due to the banquet.
Check In and Sign Up opens at 8:00 AM
Shooters Meeting at 8:30 AM