Cowboy Action - SASS            

The Cowboy Division is also known as the Colorado River Shootists and is a SASS affiliated club.      

The club shoots on the 4th Saturdayof each month. Please check the calendar for exact time, as it changes with the seasons. There are generally 6 stages (4 in the summer) during the regular monthly matches. Some months there is also shoot–off after the main match. New shooters, spectators and vendors are welcome. Please make sure you have eye and ear protection.

Cowboy River Shootist News

CRS Matches

Saddle Up Cowboys its time to start shooting again.
The October Cowboy Action Shoot will be held on Saturday, October 21st at Adair Range with registration starting at 7 AM.
We have changed dates for these two months to accommodate our shooters who wish to attend other annual matches in the area.
November should resume our normal schedule of the 4th Saturday of the Month. 

Irene Snyder
Secretary Yuma MatchMasters