1st Saturday Steel Match Info

On the first Saturday of each month Yuma MatchMasters hosts a steel target match. Although not affiliated with USPSA Steel Challenge, the match closely follows the divisions and rules of Steel Challenge.

The match consists of 5 stages with 5 steel targets on each stage. Each shooter shoots each stage five times consecutively. The slowest run out of the five is dropped and not counted for score. Minimum 125 rounds.

For each run, one hit per target is required, with an unlimited number of rounds. The last target to be shot is known as the "stop plate", which stops the timer.

Steel matches are an excellent way to begin competitive shooting. There is usually little or no movement required.

Equipment: 9mm to 45 caliber center fire pistol, holster and enough magazines to complete a stage

  • Pistol caliber carbine
  • Rim fire (22caliber) pistol or rifle (no holster required)

For more information contact John Schroeder via email: johnschroeder2003@yahoo.com

We are now offering pre-registration for monthly matches through Practiscore. You will be able to register and squad online; check in and pay the morning of the match.  

Cost: $6.00